Friday, 19 May 2017

The main Hull is complete

Adventure is coming along just great the main hull has now been put together awaiting completion.

Every day we get one step closer to Adventure being towed out for an adventure filled life in the inviting ocean which is only meters away at high tide.

Atlantis liveaboard diving and adventures, Biasong Bay, San Remegio, Cebu, Philippines

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Adventure the keel has been laid

We are continuing to make good progress with Adventure the two sections of the keel have been joined and progress is being made on laminating the side panels which will we will start to attach to the keel in the coming week.

The keel section of the main hull has been joined and leveled

Atlantis liveaboard diving and adventures, Biasong Bay, San Remegio, Cebu, Philippines

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Adventure is on the way

The start has been made our purpose built Liveaboard adventure and dive boat Adventure is in the making near to our home base at Biasong Bay on the north end of Cebu.

What you can see here is the front half of the bottom of the forward section of the center hull which is being build using advanced composite cored glass and epoxy construction

Make sure you come back to this blog frequently because initial construction will be rapid to see how Mel is progressing with the construction.

In a short few weeks Adventure will start taking shape and by the end of the year should be in the water.

Adventure roughly as she will look when completed the piece see above is the bottom front end of the large center hull seen in this artists impression

Atlantis liveaboard diving and adventures, Biasong Bay, San Remegio, Cebu, Philippines

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Introducing Atlantis Scuba and Adventure Safaris in the Philippines

We are about to start building our first dive boat so please come back frequently to see how we are progressing

Based at Biasong Bay north of Cebu City the gateway to diving in the Philippines.
N ⁰11 3′6. 94″
E 123⁰ 55′ 14.50″

What we have on offer
Our scuba dive and adventure boat under construction is named Atlantis Cebu Adventure
Caters for 6 paying passengers, 1 dive master and 3-4 other crew members

Our packages
7 day 6 night scuba diving and adventure trips all-inclusive it is optional to bring one’s own toothbrush
Pick up is at Mactan–Cebu International Airport
We provide all scuba dive gear. It is however recommend to bring your own dive computer if you one
We supply only nitrox mix at no additional charge
All local alcoholic beverages are provided on the basis of you may drink as much as is appropriate but here there is a warning. Due to safety considerations no one will be allowed to dive without first having undertaken and passed an alcohol test.
If you go ashore you must be back by 0400 hr. If you get back late you WILL be left behind
We do not cater for the adventurer who is looking for a bargain at a bargain price we offer only the very best standard of quality at a reasonable price
We offer flexibility in accordance with the consensus of all of the clients on board

We offer the following adventures
Scuba Diving
Small craft sailing on one of our modern innovative designs
Mountain climbing
Nature adventures
Birding adventures
Botanical adventures
Getting to meet the local people
We will supply a German tour guide for a fully booked tour if requested
The scuba dive and adventure boat Atlantis Cebu Adventure is owner designed by Mel Hickman and is being constructed drawing on over 40 years of experience as a mechanical design engineer, marine engineer, naval architect specializing in light weight, eco-friendly innovative composite design.
In addition Mel brings to the design considerable experience gained in over 15 years of cruising and operating in the most popular dive spots in the Caribbean, the Philippines as well, as other localities.

Our purpose designed scuba dive and adventure boat

Is a modern innovative design
Has modern reliable fuel efficient engines
Only uses energy saving led lighting
Uses solar panels to provide most of the electrical power
Is an eco-friendly purpose build dive boat based on over 15 years of operating in scuba diving localities in all of the most important dive locations around the world

Technical specifications
The design is a modern stabilized mono-hull of advanced composite construction incorporating the latest in eco-friendly energy saving technology.
Length 17,5 meters
Width 6 meters
The displacement of the Atlantic Cebu Adventure has been calculated as 14 ton
The power plant is a modern fuel efficient marinised Toyota 2.5 liter D-4D 145 (106 kW) horse power diesel

 Design speed 15 knots